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 Words of Grace & Truth - Albania
Initiative is led by Radio 7, Tirana

WOGT works with Radio 7, a team of Christian stations in Albania which broadcasts into Albania, Kosovo, and parts of Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece. Marta has traveled to Albania and taught leaders Bible study skills and helped eqip them with the materials to begin teaching.

Although Albania is less than 1% Christian, today Albania is one of the fastest growing countries accepting Christ. This is largely through the work of Radio 7 and the teams like Words of Grace & Truth that are working in this stratigic country.

Read Jona's testimony of how God is using Words of Grace & Truth in Albania.

As a teacher what I appreciate in this study, is the importance it sets on prayer before everything we study. Other from this, the way Marta presents her study, gives in you the desire to continue to do the same in your personal walk, and to see how God’s word comes alive when you put it in the right context. I appreciate the fact that it brings the stories of the Bible in a way that we can apply it on our daily issues. Since the girls on my Bible study are new in their faith, I have seen them grow in their personal relationship with Christ.   

When we first started the group, my concern was how to make them talk about personal issues, and be open in a way that they could allow God to heal them. Week after week as I was praying for this, I have seen meetings where they were open hearted about their personal issues and had a desire to change their situation. I like the way they have allowed God to work within them. Jona

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