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Dr. Frank Minirth, President of Minirth Clinic and Adjunct Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary
"Bound to Be Free' is an exceptional book - theologically correct, psychologically warm, physiologically health producing. I recommend it with enthusiasm. Christians around the globe need this book. Read it and be healed. This book is riveting, but more important, it is life transforming!"

Debbie Stuart, Former Director of Women's Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church
"Marta Greenman is a master teacher weaving Biblical principles, personal stories and clear application with every lesson. She walks in Truth and loves the Word and has dedicated her life to teaching that Truth to women. This study is a must for every Women's Ministry!"

Mike Fetchner, Pastor and Founder of H.I.S. Bridgebuilders
"Pain and suffering is a part of life. Marta Greenman, in her book, BOUND TO BE FREE, explains theologically that pain is an essential element to the healing process. In her work, Marta addresses the hard questions, such as "Why does God allow pain?", "What part does sin play in our struggles?", "Does God really hear and respond to my cry of pain?" and, most importantly, "How does God heal?" By using a workbook style approach, Marta walks us through the journey of pain with the hope that we can come to an understanding that will result in true and lasting healing." 

Timothy W. Eaton, Pastor and President of Hillsdale College
"I have worked through the Bible study, "Bound to Be Free" and I believe this will be a valuable tool for many people. If you have ever been disappointed, discouraged, or damaged along life's way this study is for you. I pray that many will find it, engage in it, and learn the power of God that reaches and restores a broken humanity."