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Equipped for the Call Leadership Training


The old saying is, the best way to learn something is to teach it! I have had the wonderful opportunity to be included in Teacher Training for the Words of Grace and Truth Bible study materials, and it has been an amazing experience. Marta Greenman is an outstanding Bible teacher, and to learn from such an expert is enriching. Marta has taught us her secrets (not really very secret) of how to list Bible references for our own use, how to prepare questions for each day and each week of the study, and has given us ample time to “teach” the lesson to our classmates. As I said at the beginning, teaching is the best way to learn something, and in doing this practice teaching I have learned the scriptures on a deeper level and feel ready to go out and help “teach the Word to the nations.” Thank you, Marta! (Maureen)


I just completed the Teachere Training from Words of Grace & Truth. My background is in training and have taken other well-known Bible study training courses that taught Bible study techniques, more than how to lead a class. Marta and Words of Grace & Truth's training was by far much better than any professional train-the-trainer program or Bible study training course that I've ever had. When I say better, I mean...it is USEFUL! It taught me how to LEAD a Bible study. It is practical and "hands-on". Step-by-step, we were taken through a week of study and preparation then we lead a class on the material. We studied, prepared, and lead. The feed back from Marta was so helpful since she is the best! One can take Marta's course and go right into the classroom and lead a group through ANY Bible study material, but I highly recommend the Bible studies of Words of Grace & Truth. I am looking forward to leading a bible study to be able to use the new tools and skills with which I've been equipped. Thank you Marta! (Dianne) 


The Words of Grace and Truth teacher training took my Bible study teaching skills to a higher level. Marta's ability to translate her skills into lessons any beginner can grasp helped me to learn more than I anticipated. When I left, I felt well-equipped not only to lead but to teach any Bible study. (Joy)