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Why Bound to Be Free? -Sin Bound Us - Christ Freed Us!

Learn to live in FREEDOM. True Freedom can only be found in HIS presence and in HIS Word.God's desire is to transform your life into a powerful testimony of His mercy and grace. Bound To Be Free leads believers step-by-step through God's process of healing and transformation.

In this Bible study, we go directly to Scripture: the only path to lasting restoration. Our Father knows each person's story. He knows why we are suffering. And He knows how each  can overcome pain and disappointment in our lives. God wants to show us our individual paths to freedom.The Church is in desperate need of restoration and healing. The world needs to see that we have not only been saved, but that through the power of our Savior, we are overcomers. Our choice is simple:We can either allow God’s refining fire to transform us into the precious treasure He created us to be, or we can mask our pain with worldly pursuits which lead to destruction. Our prayer is that you would choose to face these issues and let God heal you. The journey to freedom is not always easy, but the end result is glorious!

Join us as we meet God in His Word and experience firsthand the power of His healing touch.