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Lori - Texas -  Bound To Be Free looks at biblical truth in contrast to the current world view and guides the reader to a clear personal decision for truth.  I don't know that I've ever seen another study address current world view the way this one does, and the decision of what to believe becomes very black and white - very obvious - when world view is laid out side by side with God's word. Even for seasoned believers, this study is an excellent tool to help share biblical truth with young believers or nonbelievers.

Kirsten - Texas - I was just going through Bound to Be Free. Week 4 is about an acceptable fast to the Lord. Marta touched on an experience in her life which really spoke to me. As a young Christian, she was trying to please her earthly father when God spoke to her and said "Stop trying to please your earthly father, start trying to please your heavenly Father, then I will do great and mighty things IN and THROUGH your life." When I read that I thought "Wow! You are saying the exact same thing to me!" Only not my earthly father. I have been working so hard to please my family and show them that I am worth something and not just another statistic. But it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is my pleasing the Lord. That revelation alone helped me feel some freedom from some burdens.